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Molsheim is the home of the BUGATTI family, the birthplace of the brand and the modern headquarters of the company.


The value of the BUGATTI brand does not only lie in its technical and stylistic finesse, but also in its tradition and rich heritage. This is why in 1998 it was a natural choice to revive the BUGATTI brand in Molsheim — the original location of Ettore’s legendary manufacture. Every BUGATTI customer journey begins at Molsheim, where visitors experience our founder’s spirit alongside the fascinating interplay of art, forme and technique.

Just like then, the Molsheim Experience follows a suspense-building sequence in which the best is saved for last.


Château St. Jean is the place where Ettore fittingly received his customers to celebrate their purchase in unique style. BUGATTI has restored the Château and revived this tradition, welcoming its guests with an exhibition of the brand’s history that includes invaluable artefacts and memorabilia. The middle floor lies on a central oval that is not completely joined to the exterior walls and thus appears to float, seeming to catapult everything into a new era.

Visitors dive into the lives of talented BUGATTI family members Carlo, Rembrandt, Ettore and Jean, who shaped and inspired the marque throughout the last century and up to this present day.


The Remise Nord was built in 1853. Initially used for stables, it later served as a shelter for pilgrims of the Order of Malta on their way to Santiago de Compostela. Despite their very special aesthetic characteristics, these buildings meet their intended purpose and are functionally designed. “They are not just pure works of art, even if they give that appearance,” said architects who worked on their refurbishments.

Today, the Remise Nord is the home to some ground-breaking examples of the brand’s past, like the Type 35 – the most successful race car of all time – and the Type 51, which is considered the pinnacle of BUGATTI’s most celebrated race car design. At 6.4 meters in length, the Type 41 Royale Coupé de Ville Binder is one of just six Royales in existence, all of them highly luxurious and powered by a 12.8 liter in-line 8-cylinder engine. Sitting next to the Royale, the 1931 Type 56 is an electrically powered two-seater that Ettore designed and built to be easily driven on BUGATTI grounds.


The Orangerie is the only building that Ettore Bugatti added to the complex during his lifetime. Originally built to house tropical plants, the Orangerie was renovated for the 100th anniversary of the brand in 2009. The 1920s steel structure was carefully restored to keep up with the authenticity of other buildings in the initial section of the BUGATTI compound. The Orangerie is now a popular retreat area for visitors to relax following the adrenaline rush of a BUGATTI test drive.


The factory, known as the Atelier, was added to the premises in the early 2000s. Created in the shape of BUGATTI’s signature feature, the macaron, it is the place where our craftspeople assemble each BUGATTI by hand. Every year, around 70 units of the Chiron variants, the Divo, the Centodieci and other models are produced to the highest quality.

While the Château and the remises represent the long tradition of the brand, the Atelier stands for modern-day technology and an innovative future. The view towards the Atelier and through the windows towards the south provides a contrasting feeling of spaciousness: open, luminous, and technical.


Pierre Henry Raphanel, one of BUGATTI’s official test drivers, once said:

“I have never met anyone who was prepared for the rush of emotions a test drive in a BUGATTI unleashes. It is pure passion and adrenaline. Everyone who had seriously been considering buying a BUGATTI beforehand actually did so afterwards. I am merely the one introducing them to something they had probably never felt before in their life and that makes our hyper sports cars so unique: true BUGATTI passion!”


The Remise Sud, built in 1788, is where future BUGATTI owners configure their ultimate vision. Assisted by one of our designers, each customer can tailor their future hyper sports car according to their preferences. Thanks to an endless range of customization options, they can choose from a huge variety of color and material combinations, unique design splits and individual emblems. A process which Hendrik Malinowski, Director of Sales and Operation, summarizes with the following words: “It is our highest goal to offer our customers the extraordinary: an unforgettable experience and a dream that BUGATTI will make a reality.”